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Design and Audit
Design and Audit
One of the most obvious benefits of an irrigation system is protecting your yard, plants and trees from inefficient watering and drought. A well-designed system ensures that your grass and plants are getting the proper amount of water. ... Proper absorption and drainage is an important part of a good irrigation system
To ensure efficient irrigation, one must know the amount of water an irrigation system is applying during each cycle. Completing an audit of an irrigation system provides the information needed to set irrigation controllers to deliver the proper amount of water.
An efficient irrigation system performance will enable the following:
Radically decrease water use and water bills. Improve landscape health and appearance. Reduce water runoff and aquatic pollution
Water audits provide a way to inventory all water uses in your facility and identify ways to increase water use efficiency. The results can help you prioritize steps to implement cost-effective water-saving measures.
In areas that have irregular precipitation, irrigation improves crop growth and quality. By allowing farmers to grow crops on a consistent schedule, irrigation also creates more reliable food supplies. Ancient civilizations in many parts of the world practiced irrigation.
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