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Annual Maintenance Contract
Annual Maintenance Contract
Annual Maintenance Contract for Irrigation System
The scope of work shall include the following aspects.
  • Preventive Maintenance of the various components of the system.
  • Rectification of all major and minor defects in the system.
  • Operation of the system as per the reference given by your course superintendent.<
The detailed scope of works shall include:
  • A team of technicians will be posted at your premises for both operating and for carrying out preventive maintenance of the system.
  • Apart from the above our service team based at Bangalore will attend to any additional and specialized service requirement
  • This team will be adequately equipped and trained to handle all common complaints.
  • The day-to-day operation of the sprinkler system, the pumps and all components will also be handled by our own personnel. To this end we will deploy personnel all through the day to ensure effective functioning.
  • The scope will cover service of all components of the system including, pump station, central control software, satellites, piping, sprinklers, valves.
  • To handle complaints of a serious and complicated nature, our senior service personnel will be deputed immediately on receipt of information.
  • Visits by RainBird representatives whenever they visit for providing suggestions and improvement tips to the operators.
  • System failure problems where rain bird technicians are required to attend will be the cost basis.
  • Jayam Technologies will arrange supply of spares,consumables and any equipment required for undertaking normal/ repair work at cost basis.
The scope of the contract will EXCLUDE the following:
  • Supply of all spares, consumables and any other replacement parts or components.
  • Free replacement of Damaged / missing parts/components from site. Replacement of such components shall be done on payment basis
  • All civil works
  • Repair / replacement of electrical accessories outside scope of irrigation system.
  • Any tank, drain cleaning works.
  • Damage to any part of the system through act of god/ Natural disaster and repairs/rectifications/replacement.
  • Service at doorstep
  • Instant Response
  • Efficient working system
  • Technical know how
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