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Landscape Central Control
Landscape Central Control
Landscape Central control system:
IQ v2 is the only central control on the market designed to offer a global control solution for ESP-LXME traditional controllers, ESP-LXD decoder controllers and now TBOS-II battery operated controllers on the same software. IQ proposes the larger choice of communication with satellites: hardwire, phone, GPRS, WIFI or Ethernet. The new software option provides remote control of TBOS/TBOS-II Controllers.
The communication capabilities of IQ v2.0 virtually eliminate the need to travel to remote sites. Manual operations and programming functions previously performed at the on-site irrigation controller can now be done from the IQ central computer. Better yet, the intuitive user interface of IQ v2.0, makes monitoring your system and making adjustments easy as ever.
Save money and meet heightened water restriction with a full array of weather-based features. Advanced ET feature pack allows using WS-Pro or WS-Pro Light weather station to collect weather data and adjust run time to daily ET.
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