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Football Field
Football Field
One of the most obviously answers to the question of why a sprinkler system is used at all is that it’s necessary for the maintenance of a healthy pitch. To grow well grass needs a decent amount of light and the correct amount of water put on it on a regular basis.
In the past this would be down to the groundskeepers walking over the pitch with watering cans, sprinkling the grass that needed it the most in order to keep it in a healthy state. Nowadays the systems have become a lot more efficient and effective. Sprinklers can be hidden deep under the surface of the turf and brought up before the match to spray water over the pitch
  • Deep & infrequent applications of water (watering to field capacity)
  • Minimize light frequent hand watering
  • Syringing during times of stress (ensuring it's a very fine spray)
  • Know your irrigation system & how much it applies
  • Avoid hydrophobic conditions
  • Knowing your water quality, and having it analyzed
  • Using wetting agents
Another debate relating to Sports Field irrigation is the use of manual systems v's automatic systems. As time goes by more and more facilities are going towards automatic systems due to their time and labor saving, along with the precision that automatic systems bring. However, they are more costly to install, and more expensive to maintain. On the other hand manual irrigation systems and still used by many facilities today as they are maintained and operated for a minimum cost, they rarely break down, they can be more flexible in relation to dealing with localized dry spot, however can potentially use more water, are more labor intensive, which generally doesn't allow watering at night therefore requires the playing surface to be closed to carry out irrigation.
Plants, like humans, are big fans of water, and as plants grow, your landscape water needs will change. Correctly managing the irrigation of your landscape is crucial to plant health and longevity as water mismanagement can lead to dead plants, displaced soil and fertilizer, potholes, baseboard water damage and worse. Additionally, excess water creates a breeding ground for mosquitos and can attract other unwanted guests into the neighborhood. Proper irrigation keeps plants hydrated and maintains healthy soil even in dry climates or areas with less than average rainfall. It can also help with protecting plants from freezing in cold weather and suppressing weed growth in warmer months.
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