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Golf Course Central Control
Golf Course Central Control
Golf central control irrigation system
A centralised irrigation control system can be described as an IT system that allows for the scheduling and management of an irrigation installation from a single location. These systems are especially designed to allow for the management of an irrigation system from one or several sites via a computer.
Centralised irrigation offers real control and automatically adapts the irrigation time in response to environmental variations (climate change, broken pipes), taking into consideration the data input by the user. This allows for the most recent technological developments to be used to save water.
A centralised control system consists of irrigation management software installed on the PC, a means of communication, sensors and, of course, an automatic irrigation system. This system allows for the programmers to be controlled from a computer, thus guaranteeing a saving on water and money and removing the need to make trips to the site. The programme changes made to several controllers installed at the different sites could be carried out in only a few minutes. The irrigation time could be automatically adjusted through the installation of a weather station. The transfer of information is made via a telephone line, the Web, GSM or radio.
There are several methods available for the communication between the PC, where the programming is carried out, and the field, where the programmers or controllers are located:
Telephone connection. In this case, the computer, which transmits the information, and the programmers located in the field are both equipped with a modem and connected to a traditional telephone line. The transfer of information is, therefore, carried out via a switched telephone network. Cable connection. In this case, there is a physical cable connection between the two components of the central control system.
GSM link: the means of communication is achieved in this case via a GSM network. The components of the centralised management system must be fitted with a modem. This is very useful in situations where there is no telephone connection.
The benefits of centralised irrigation control:
  • Water saving: The centralised control systems make the management of an irrigation installation simple, precise and efficient. Centralised control allows for better water management. A number of studies have revealed that the installation of a centralised control system produces a 20% to 30% saving on water.Saving on time: the programming of a set of controllers at one or several sites requires a lot of time. Each time that a programme has to be altered or the system stopped for any reason whatever, you would need to visit the site in person. The task is made far simpler with the centralised control system.
  • Easy to use: The most recent centralised management systems do not require any special technical skills. They are designed to be easy to operate and user-friendly. The end result is a saving on both time and water, with a major reduction in your labour costs.
  • Maximum flexibility: a number of solutions are available, thus enabling you to select the centralised management system that is most adapted to your needs: from the smallest to the largest site, from the most basic type to the most sophisticated.
  • Keeping the green spaces in good health: the centralised management systems allow for the necessary water applications to be adjusted on a daily basis according to the actual requirements of the plant, responding to environmental and natural variations (climate change, broken pipes), while taking into account the data input by the user.
  • Prevention: The centralised management system monitors the water status of the site and acts to prevent the wastage of water in the case of a broken pipe, by automatically closing the valve. The monitoring of the programming and the proper functioning of the irrigation cycles is assured by the feedback provided. The printed reports enable you to monitor your water consumption in real time. It will thus be possible to predict your future requirements.
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